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gpk电子游戏官网自豪地为旧金山和圣马特奥县的社区服务. For nearly 70 years we have aligned our focus on the philosophy of “people helping people.” Starting with a humble beginning in 1954 at a kitchen table on Capp Street, to becoming the full-service, multi-branch financial institution we are today, GPK电子游戏很自豪能够改变会员的财务生活,并投入时间和资源来改善GPK电子游戏的社区.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, our board members are volunteers; we do not have stockholders demanding higher profits. GPK电子游戏通过提供高回报的储蓄产品和低利率的贷款将收益返还给会员.

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Philosophy and Core Values

gpk电子游戏官网相信强有力的驱动原则,以提供卓越的会员服务. It is part of our mission to provide genuine, professional advice in a way that makes members feel comfortable and supported.

What is our mission?



Serve More

  • Consistently and enthusiastically deliver exceptional member experiences
  • Educate and proactively create solutions to members’ needs
  • Treat members the way they want to be treated

Partner More

  • Listen, support and respect diversity
  • Collaborate to build effectiveness
  • Encourage positive energy

Own More

  • Follow through on commitments and be accountable
  • Demonstrate integrity in every decision and action
  • Take ownership in the Credit Union’s success

Be More

  • Challenge yourself to seek opportunities for growth
  • Be better than you were yesterday
  • Be part of the solution

San Francisco Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution. We differ from big banks by offering higher earnings and dividends on deposits accounts, lower interest rates on loans and by charging fewer fees. Plus, members have access to more than 30,000 free ATMs across the country.

65年来,GPK电子游戏的使命一直是让会员及其家庭的财务生活更轻松. San Francisco Federal Credit Union offers genuine, professional advice in a way that makes members feel comfortable and supported. We invite you to become a member and to take advantage of the many benefits we provide. Membership is open to those who live, work, go to school or worship in San Francisco or San Mateo counties.

Board Members

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Senior Leadership Team

Ray Shams

Ray Shams

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Ray Shams 于2017年加入信用社,拥有超过30年的贷款和风险管理经验. Ray holds a Master of Business Administration from University of La Verne.

Janaki 2

Janaki Rao

Chief Technology Officer

Janaki Rao brings over 25 years of IT experience, specializing in cloud infrastructure, digital banking, and omnichannel solutions across diverse organizations. 持有Osmania University的计算机科学硕士学位和Indira Gandhi National Open University的会计和金融MBA学位, Janaki has demonstrated expertise in IT governance and technology strategy alignment.

Kirsten 2023

Kirsten Madsen

Chief Operating Officer

Kirsten Madsen 于2023年加入信用社,拥有近30年的银行和金融服务经验. 她持有加州大学伯克利分校的文学学士学位和宾夕法尼亚大学沃顿商学院的行政领导证书. 


Peter Minford

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Minford joined the Credit Union in 2024.  A seasoned professional with over 20 years experience as a CFO, and 40 years of leadership experience in financial services.  Peter holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Florida State University, 他拥有南佛罗里达大学的工商管理硕士学位和斯托尼尔银行研究生院的文凭.   


GPK电子游戏的故事始于1954年,当时会计师乔治·特劳特想为他的家庭提供经济保障. In support of his fellow city employees, 他试图提供一个负责任的金融机构,让每个人都能获得负担得起的贷款, save money safely and gain a voice in their own financial experiences. Today, we continue to pursue and foster those same ideals.

Ground Breaking


For San Francisco Federal Credit Union, being part of the community means a sense of responsibility to give back, in a variety of ways. GPK电子游戏全年提供许多免费的网络研讨会和研讨会,帮助社区成员了解财务知识. GPK电子游戏通过捐赠来帮助那些帮助不幸的人的组织——无论是通过衣服还是食物捐赠, 通过向慈善机构捐款或员工通过GPK电子游戏的社区分享计划志愿服务.

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